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A Great Soldier in the Last Great War


December 16, 1944: The Nazis launch a colossal surprise attack through the Ardennes Forest. If they take Antwerp, a critical port, they will crush the Allied advance from the west and save the Third Reich from the fate it deserves. Opposing the massive German force are the armies of America and its allies. The largest and bloodiest battle in American history begins.

Sergeant Jonathan Brooks has been fighting the Germans since D-Day. He and the Seventh Rangers have endured virtually every major battle on the Western Front. They suffered heavy losses in the past few months, but the showdown in the Ardennes will be the most brutal fighting the Rangers have ever seen.

The Germans capture several cities as they push the Allies back. One of the cities, Spartiate, contains a secret. If the Nazis utilize it, they will win the war. The Rangers are assigned to secure the package from the enemy. As Jonathan Brooks engages the Germans, he must not only defeat the Nazis and seize the package, but also conquer the evil within himself. Nothing he has done before could prepare Brooks for the bloody horror that is the Battle of the Bulge.

“Great plot, well researched, an engrossing story, a well worked out version of the secrets of the war.”
 - John Mosier, author of Hitler vs. Stalin: The Eastern Front

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