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Liopleurodon ferox was the deadliest sea predator of all time, the king of the Jurassic Ocean. This whale-sized reptile's return to the early twentieth century triggers a geopolitical crisis in this new historical science fiction thriller.


Former President Theodore Roosevelt foresees the threat the Liopleurodon would pose if it falls into the wrong hands. The race is on as Roosevelt leads the American effort to destroy it before the Kaiser's Germany can turn it into a weapon.

Fans of Jurassic Park and Steve Alten's Meg series will not want to miss this adventure filled with action, political intrigue, and characters that readers will remember long after finishing this novel.

Advance Praise for Liopleurodon: The Master of the Deep - "The storyline itself was superb ---- A Jaws/Jurassic Park thriller and a bit of a spy novel all in one - and compelling."

 - The Historical Fiction Company

Review from The Monster Book Club - "Throughout the novel, Roosevelt was a great big hoot. Always larger than life, he commanded the narrative and chewed up the scenery in the best possible way... As a reader, I was onboard too. In fact, the finale made me a little sad. 'Why can't reality be as exciting as this?' I thought to myself as I shut down my Kindle for the night."

5 Star Review from Colleen B (Audible Version) - 

"I was not too sure what to expect from this book (I received a free audible copy through a Twitter promotion from the author). It has a dinosaur (well not a really a dinosaur, just an enormous marine reptile) that I never heard of and could not pronounce, and dealt with American political history of which I knew little and cared less (political history is not one my favorite subjects, as it is usually sordidly dull, but it is better that economic history which is abysmally dull). But the book grabbed me. 

The paleontology and history was made interesting. I always found TR to be the most interesting president of all time and he was depicted in all his glory. Other historical figures like Taft and General Wood are done well. I could have used a bit more Alice Roosevelt in the book, but she makes a memorable appearance. The political maneuverings are made interesting, The action was tense and exciting.  The characters were well depicted and interesting. The plot took some surprising turns that I did not see coming and had a nice mystery to boot. The reader was great and did a good job with all the voices."

5 Star Review from Ilyas M. (Audible Version) -

"Loved the story! The human characters were just as compelling as the Liopleurodon

Absolutely loved it, a great thriller, mystery with twisters and turns but all highly realistic. The human characters were great; the ones who love , the ones you love to hate and many have awesome and realistic character arcs which are very relatable. It really does transport you make to the 1910s and touches on complex social and political issues which are even relevant today. We haven't even talked about the Liopleurodon yet! It's a great character and deployed more than just a movie monster, but of an apex predator of an ecosystem love vanished. The political background is awesome and it's complexity showing the many trials and pitfalls, encompassing all those human traits that make a great epic; honour, jealous, pride, selflessness, treachery etc. truly a great story and couldn't stop thinking about it days after finishing it!"

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